Pick up or prefer delivery?
A Kovobel container can be collected from us as a "package". These packages have a different length depending on the desired size. Most containers are collected from us with a truck or trailer. A trailer must have the correct load capacity. It is also possible to have the containers delivered, as package or assembled. Feel free to contact us for the various possibilities. We are happy to help you! Important to know:


- Collection is only possible when your order has been confirmed by us
- You must have a truck or a good trailer
- Collection is always free, this saves costs considerably.


- Mounted containers can only be unloaded when a forklift is present at your location
- If we or you yourself use a truck for unloading, the container can only be unloaded next to the truck
- Delivery costs extra costs. Contact us to get a good indication of the delivery or assembly costs.


- Once a Kovobel container has been assembled, it can be lifted with a forklift truck and then put in the right place.

Delivery (incoterms EXW):

  • All prices are based on take out in our yard as complete damage free package.
  • We also can arrange transport for you. there are costs for delivery to your address we will quote depending on you destination.
  • Insurance is arranged by you as the customer.


  • Upon take out in our yard you sign of for receiving the goods in good order.
  • Guaranties can be given per part of the containers and exchanged for new one at our company IJsselstein, Netherlands.
  • One year guaranties on our products.
  • In case of manufacturing error we repair or change the parts it concerns for free. We exclude any other costs related to this error.
  • All products are EXW, transportation can be arranged for you but all related costs and insurance are for the Buyer.

Return of goods:

  • Returning of unopened container packaging, is possible within 5 working days unless otherwise agreed in writing. Please contact us when this is the case. Please consider we are intitled to charge handling costs or deduct damages from the amount to be paid back. We will credit the agreed amount back to you within 5 working days after inspection of the goods (also 5 working days). We wil transfer the amount to your account from which we where paid upon the purchase.
  • Returning costs are related to our EXW policy return costs are for the customer.